Investing in Belize

You already have a vast knowledge of what it takes to do business in Belize but your financing needs are such that you need assistance accessing financing to grow your business or to start a new business. This calls for putting together a proper package including critical details about your business, its historical financial (accounting) information, financial forecast and projections, etc.

Or, you have been in business for many years and would like to sell your business, move on to the project of your dreams or simply retire. You need assistance in preparing your business for sale and putting a selling price on your business.

Where do get this much needed assistance?

For the international companies wanting to invest in Belize, doing business in a foreign country can be nightmare if you do not have the proper contacts and network of individuals to support you. How do you build the right network of professionals and key contacts in Belize, thereby lowering your investment risk?

WRC can assist you in building your core network of professionals and key contacts as well as serve as your trusted representative on the ground so that you can invest in Belize with ease.

Our investor services include:

  • Business facilitation and advice on doing business in Belize.
  • Incorporating local and offshore companies.
  • Preparing business plan and loan proposals in a format that an investor expects.
  • Preparation of financial projections and forecasts for your business partners and financiers.
  • Business valuation that allows you to put a value on your business for eventual sale or to acquire/purchase an existing business.
  • Due diligence on purchasing an existing business.
  • Tax advisory, setting up and maintaining your corporate structure in Belize.
  • Assistance in applying for investment incentives under Belize’s Fiscal Incentives or Export Processing Programs.
  • Assistance in applying for bank accounts both local and offshore.
  • Assistance in applying for work permits and other immigration documents.
  • Assistance in applying for Belize Retired Person status under the Retired Persons (Incentives) Act.
  • Other agreed upon services.

WRC also maintains a good working relationship with key persons at most of the commercial banks in Belize as well as with several international investment bankers and we can assist you in generating leads to raise capital/financing for your project.

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